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Hello. It's me, Amby Burfoot. Welcome to my new (free) email newsletter. Here's the idea: 

I get lots of running newsletters, and almost all are about elite runners. So I wanted to do something different. 

This newsletter is about you--or at least about your primary needs as a runner. How to train more efficiently. Fuel better. Understand running shoes. Prevent injuries. And much more. 

I'll find this information for you by scouring the Internet every week to locate the highest-quality new stories. I'll write brief summaries of each, and also include links to the original content. 

Let me be your guide. I'll invest hours, so you can review the best content in minutes. And it's all free. 

Beginning in late April, 2021, Podium Runner began to manage and produce this newsletter. However, it is still created by me, Amby.

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